miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Uruguayan Wines

Published in Panorma, December 2010.

Even though wine probably came to Uruguay along with the Spaniards, this southern country’s wine industry began with the 19th century arrival of Tannat stock, which left its mark. Originally from the Madiran region of southwestern France, the stock was carried to the austral region of South America by a Basque, Pascual Harriague; Uruguay used it to produce table wines for internal consumption for more than a century.

Vinos Uruguayos

Publicado en Panorma de diciembre 2010:

La producción de vino en Uruguay se remonta, documentalmente, a principios del siglo XVIII, aunque es probable que date de mucho tiempo atrás, desde los tiempos de la colonización española y portuguesa y la posterior inmigración italiana, todos pueblos de larga tradición vitivinícola.

sábado, 6 de noviembre de 2010

Gramado & Canela - A European Enclave in the "Serra Gaucha"

We leave from Montevideo on a Friday at sunrise, by car. A twelve hour drive awaits us. The previous day an Indian summer unusual for this time of year had begun, after which there came an unexpected wave of polar cold air that would torment us. Before midday, we were at the border.

Gramado y Canela: Un enclave europeo en la "Serra Gaúcha"

Publicado en Panorama de Noviembre. Esta vez me estrené como fotógrafa y la fotos de la nota son mías. ¡Incluso la de la portada! (La portada la tengo en un archivo pdf y no puedo convertirla a jpg para subirla. ¿Estaré perdiendo las mañas?)

martes, 10 de agosto de 2010

Encounters with Saramago

In 1998 I was attending a writing workshop. After the first lessons which advised us on the importance of leaving our inhibitions behind and learning some basic techniques, we began working on topics such as estrangement, the meeting of cultures, journeys or something along those lines. In was in that context that the coordinator of the workshop, Elena Romiti, gave us a fragment of the novel Baltasar and Blimunda (Memorial del Convento, 1982) by José Saramago. When I asked her about this author, whose name I had never before heard of, she unequivocally recommended that I read him.

Experiencias con Saramago

Publicado en Panorama de agosto:

          En 1998 iba yo a un taller de escritura. Después de las primeras consignas que apuntaban a que nos desinhibiéramos y aprendiéramos algunas técnicas básicas, estábamos trabajando sobre el extrañamiento, el encuentro de culturas, los viajes o algo por el estilo. En ese marco fue que la coordinadora del taller, Elena Romiti, nos dio un fragmento de la novela Memorial del Convento (1982) de José Saramago y, cuando le pregunté por ese escritor que nunca había oído nombrar, me lo recomendó sin dudar.

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Cabo Polonio: Un lugar mágico entre el cielo y el mar

Publicado en Panorama de Mayo:

La ausencia de energía eléctrica y las dificultades de acceso conservan intacta la magia del Cabo Polonio, un lugar para sumergirse en la belleza natural del paisaje, lejos del ruido y del consumo.

domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Cabo Polonio: A Magical Place Between Sky and Sea

Published in Panorama Magazine, May 2010: 

Cabo Polonio might not be the most beautiful place in the world. Nevertheless, you feel like you’ve entered paradise. Cabo —as it is called by frequent visitors, as if there were no other— is a gentle grasscovered hill of sand jutting into the Atlantic and ending in rocks that shelter a stable population of seals and sea lions. It is crowned by a 19th century lighthouse which has not succeeded in preventing frequent shipwrecks in this difficult-to-navigate area, with its winds that push ships toward the coast and a dangerous sea floor with rocky formations that thrust upward as islets. Cabo is flanked by two beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, with dunes that were once higher than the current 98 feet. There may be other similar hamlets with higher dunes, more exuberant vegetation or better tourist services, but I can’t think of any that have the magic of Polonio.

lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

Caetano: the Return of a Classic

Published in Panorama Magazine, March 2010:

Caetano Veloso has become a Brazilian music classic. With 51 albums, some books and musical compositions for films, this artist born in Bahia has conquered the international public with his talent, versatility and the immutable poetry of his work. Even Spanish director Almodóvar paid him homage in the film Hable con ella. If you happen to be in Buenos Aires on March 5th and 6th, don’t miss his concerts at the Teatro Gran Rex.

Caetano: el regreso de un clásico

Publicado en Panorama de Marzo:

lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

Metallic January in South America

Published in Panorama January:
The legendary heavy metal group Metallica, formed in Los Angeles in 1981, has surpassed the 100 million mark for albums sold around the world and has been awarded nine Grammies, two American Music Awards and multiple MTV statuettes. In the framework of its “Death Magnetic Tour”, Metallica will have shows in five South American cities during January: on the 19th in Lima, on the 21st in Buenos Aires, on the 26th in Santiago de Chile, on the 28th in Porto Alegre and on the 30th in Sao Paulo. In March, the tour will countinue in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Puerto Rico”.

Enero metálico en Latinoamérica

Publicado en Panorama de Enero: